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The Skills Training Development Programme for Youths in Construction Trades also known as Construction Skills Empowerment Programme (CONSEP) is one of the activities in the Quick Wins strategies for the actualization of the Fund's reviewed vision. The training programme is aimed at building and developing human capital in construction trades to become self-reliant thus reducing youth restiveness. This programme is specifically targeted at unemployed youths.


Enrol into Our Skills Training Development Programme for Youths in Construction Trades TODAY.


Block and brick Laying

Bricklaying and Masonry are ancient professions that even centuries later require modern training  and know about the science of construction material and occupational health and safety. You can attend vocational or technical training and receive in-depth and thorough knowlegde on the trade.

Recommended Workshop Kit For Block and
Brick Laying

(1) 9-Inch Block Mould. (2) 6-Inch Block Mould.
(3) Head Pan. (4) Shovel. (5) Water Pumping Machine. (6) Water Storage. (7) Block Making Machine.

Domestic Electrical Installation

This is the ideal starting point on the journey to becoming a competent person. The course is delivered using a blended learning approach, mixing up theory and practical, keeping you engaged at all times. This electrical training will give you the practical ability and confidence in most areas of domestic electrical installation.

Recommended Workshop Kit For Domestic Electrical Installation
(1) Combination Plier. (2) A Set of Screws.
(3) Digital AVO Meter. (4) A Set of Spanners.
(5) Hammer(Big and Small). (6) Cable Stripper.
(7) Chisel(Big/Small). (8)Electrical Tester. (9) Line. (10) Side Cutter. (11) Toolbox.

Carpentry and Joinery Works

Carpenters and Joiners construct, erect, finish and repair wooden and metal structures and fixtures used on the inside and outside of buildings, both for residential and commercial constructions. Carpenters may also work on large concrete, steel and timber structures such as bridges, dams, power stations and civil engineering construction. Joiners work mainly on the internal fittings of a building such as window frames, sashes, doors and staircases. CONSEP is set to arm you with the neccesary skills required to do this.

Recommended Workshop Kit For Carpentry and Joinery Works
(1) Hammer. (2) Hand Saw Set. (3) Manual Hand Drill. (4) Chisel. (5) 1.2M Spirit Level(Plumb). (6) Toolbox. (7) Tape.

Plaster of Paris (POP) Works

Plaster Of Paris(POP) is one of the most widely used raw
material for ceiling. Find thousands of Plaster Of Paris(POP)
based Ceiling designs with extensive information
explaining on why Plaster of Paris is required,
Precautions for POP, POP inspection checklists,
Tips for Plaster of paris, material for POP,
Application of Plaster of Paris etc. CONSEP
is set to arm you with the neccesary skills
required to do this.

Recommended Kits For Plaster of Paris (POP) Works
(1) 2M Iron Range. (2) 2" Scraper. (3) Pinches. (4) Medallion(Rosette) Mould.
(5) 1.2M Spirit Level(Plumb). (6) Set of Saws. (7) Tape. (8) Cornice Mould (9) 1.2M X 1.2M Casting Glass.

Floor and Wall Tiling  

A tile is a manufactured piece of hard-wearing
material such as ceramic, stone, metal,
or even glass, generally used for covering roofs,
floors, walls, showers, or other objects such
as table tops. Alternatively, tile can sometimes
refer to similar units made from lightweight
materials such as perlite, wood, and mineral wool,
typically used for wall and ceiling applications. 
CONSEP is set to arm you with the neccesary
skills required to do this.

Recommended Kits For Floor and Wall Tiling Works
(1) Tile Cutter. (2) 2M Iron Range. (3) Pinches. (4) Mallet. (5) 1.2M Spirit Level(Plumb). (6) Head Pan. (7) Tape. 

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